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See what separates the Catalyst
from the competition.

Higher Performance, Lower Weight.

Professionals Best Choice in Folding
Ultra-Lightweight Mobility.

A Titanium Catalyst.

Max Your Performance.

Igniting the Evolution.

Endless Style.
Expected Quality.
Essential Value.

Best-In-Class Performance.

Lightest and Most Energy Efficient K0004 Folding Chair on the Market.

Resist Conformity. Go Rogue.

A Sleek Look. A Light Frame.

A stiffer more responsive ride all at an
affordable price that doesn't mean
sacrificing quality.

A Sleek Look. A Light Frame.

A stiffer more responsive ride all at an
affordable price that doesn't mean
sacrificing quality.

Not Just Evolutionary.

Welcome to Complex Rotation.

Liberty is Independence.

The first truly portable adult folding tilt.

Growth with an Edge.

Flip the Script on Ordinary.

Designed to be as unique as your child.

Not Just a Wheelchair.
A Member of the Team.

Designed for Our Next Generation.

Imagine the Possibilities.

Designed to keep up, to change, to grow
and to move easily with you and your child.

Easier to Grow. Easier on the Eye.

Where form adds function and the flexibility
to adapt to virtually any seating system.

Reinvent Your Wheelchair Experience

Custom Seating

A feature-rich, premium general use cushion that is anything but Basic.

Positioning doesnt have to be so hard.

Immerse yourself.

Comfort. Positioning. Immersion.

Less Layers. More Envelopment.

Uncompromising Adaptability
         Precise Installation.
         Easy Adjustment.
         Bold Styling.

Because there's no such thing as "one solution fits all".


It's all about progress.

Explore the Possibilities.

Everyday Seating for Everyday Experiences.

Posture + Attention = Learning.

Promoting independence and function.

Standing Therapy, Reimagined.

My Independence. My Freedom.
My Choice. My Movement. MyWay!

Encouraging a natural standing posture with improved function.

Secure Bathing Chair for Children, Teens and Young Adults.

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A Simple and Cost Effective PPE Solution
Available now! This PPE solution is very lightweight, easy to disinfect and extremely cost effective.

Made of a polypropylene impact resistant copolymer resin featuring a double-halo design providing a comfortable fit that accommodates eyewear.

The lack of any substructure between the two halos allows the outer halo to absorb any impacts from bumps so the wearers don't feel it against their foreheads.


Featuring 7mil polyethylene terephthalate (PET) material, this extra large shield is anti-fogging and measures 13" x 9".

This shield is larger than most on the market, and provides full face and neck coverage.

Easy to disinfect
Cost effective
Made in the USA
Ready to ship in boxes of 10, 50, 100, 500
To place orders email sales@kimobility.com or call 1.800.981.1540
A streamlined order form with the most popular options.
Now available in 18-26". It's the best standard spoke on the market, and it's the new standard spoke for Ki Mobility.
We've made the aluminum side guards available for most of our folding and rigid chairs. They come in either black matte or color matched to the chair.

For Leckey Squiggles, Mygo Size 1, and Mygo Size 2 Seating Systems

The Little Wave Flip is the first pediatric tilt-in-space solution designed to look more like a stroller with the technology of a wheelchair. It helps manage the emotional transition for parents as their loved one moves from one mobility solution to the next. And now, you can get a Leckey seating system for your Little Wave Flip. Leckey provides optimized postural care for children with moderate to complex special needs.
  • Guaranteed wheelchair and seating compatibility
  • Intuitive categories with more images
  • Comprehensive order form
Universal Compatibility
Featuring the most adaptable hardware ever! DEX hardware uses only 1 inch of back post space.
Intuitive Attachment
Receivers automatically inDEX the back into place with an audible click.
Infinite Adjustabilty
Independent height, depth and angle adjustment without moving the hardware on the back post.
Premium Construction
Designed without compromising between durability and comfort.
  • Help shield your child from the suns harmful rays or when the sky is dark and gray. The unique Flip-Up visor channels water off to the side or extends downward for extra protection from the elements.
  • Available on:
  • Catalyst 5 / 5TTL, Focus CR, Little Wave Flip, Little Wave Clik, Spark
Pediatric Pro ELR
  • Patented adjustable pivot location to promote proper knee placement and an adjustable calf pad for personalized fit.
  • Available on:
  • Catalyst 5 / 5TTL, Focus CR, Little Wave Flip, Spark
Contracture Footrest
  • Allows for extension, flexion, or lower leg rotation for optimal angle of knees and ankles. Helps maintain pelvic positioning, postural support, and pressure distribution, even with windswept deformity.
  • Available on:
  • Focus CR, Little Wave Flip
Multi-Angle Adjustable Footrest
  • Infinite adjustment in multiple axes to accommodate difficult positioning requirements such as inversion, eversion, plantar, and dorsi- flexion. Optimizes support, pressure distribution, and postural alignment.
  • Available on:
  • Catalyst 5 / 5TTL, Focus CR, Liberty FT, Little Wave Flip, Spark
Reclining Backrest with Adjustable Handle
  • The only Pediatric Reclining Backrest with locking gas springs.
  • Allows for the opening of back angles (0° - 60°) to best facilitate each unique situation.
  • Available on:
  • Little Wave Flip
Universal Axle Plate
  • One axle plate on Catalyst 5 that does it all
  • Achieve all seat-to-floor heights in 1/2" increments
  • Adjust CG over a 3" range
  • More rigid design than the competitors
Composite Angle Adjustable Footplate
  • Now available on Liberty FT
  • Same great Composite Angle Adjustable Footplate
Metallic Fuchsia
  • Enhanced Fuchsia option with a metallic undertone
  • Bold and Vibrant
Color Anodizing
  • Now available on Catalyst 5
  • 8 popular color options
  • Added personalization
MAXX Performance Spoke
  • High-end performance and style
  • Same weight as standard spoke
  • Higher level of rigidity and responsiveness
New Standard Fork
  • Sleek profile
  • 15% lighter than previous design
  • Used with Dynamic 5th Wheel
  • Standard on Rogue, Rogue XP & Little Wave Clik
Swing-In Anti-Tips
  • Now available on Catalyst 5
  • Swings in under the frame
  • There when you need them, gone when you don't
  • Available in pairs or single
8 x 1.5" Poly Caster
  • Provides a smoother ride on uneven terrain
  • Gives you great flotation on soft or uneven ground
  • Available on Focus, Liberty, and Little Wave Flip

MyWay allows children to interact in an upright position while developing their walking and weight-bearing ability. The innovative frame design keeps their hands free to play and explore.

Product Overview
  • Suitable for children and teenagers ages 1-16 years with a max. user weight of 176 lbs.
  • Open frame design allows you get close to the child to complete therapeutic exercises
  • Harness provides core stability
  • Frame features Multi-Functional Casters

The new Squiggles+ Stander offers additional features to the extremely versatile three-in-one Squiggles Stander. Now with hip abduction of up to 60° and improved function creating a superior clinical approach to standing therapy.

Product Overview
  • Suitable for children ages 1-5 with a max. user weight of 48.4 lbs.
  • Individually adjustable footplates accommodate leg length discrepancies
  • New wrap around knee supports to better accommodate all sizes
  • Fully horizontal loading in supine

The NEW, ergonomic locking backrest can be actuated with one hand and allows you to leave your side guards on when folding the backrest, making transfers easier than ever before! The simple, modern design is the only one to allow a recline position which opens your back angle up 6°. This makes getting dressed, repositioning or simply taking a break a breeze.

Better by Design is a simple statement that expresses what's behind our approach to our products and services. Throughout our history we have focused on providing you, the assistive technology professional with products and services that make your job easier.

The newest service we are offering our United States customers is continuing education. We're working with you to provide live, instructor led continuing education courses at your place of business, during a timeframe that works best for you and your team to make fulfilling your continuing education requirements easier!


Gain protection from the road while adding style and a sleek look to your chair with the new Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Fender Side Guards. The new design is easy to adjust for perfect positioning in every configuration. The aluminum option has a padded insert which adds a layer of comfort and protection. The carbon fiber option keeps your chair ultra-lightweight.

Available on Rogue, Rogue XP, Tsunami ALX, Catalyst 5, and Catalyst 5VX.


Better By Design includes listening to your feedback and taking action. Ki Mobility continues to improve product performance, offer more options such as the ability to utilize adaptive switching, integrate reclining back, and even make it easier to recharge at the end of the day.

Focus Rotating Toggle Switch Hardware
The rotating toggle switch hardware on the Focus Power Tilt has a shorter, more robust toggle switch extension handle that can be set in a vertical or horizontal position to better fit the needs of the client use.
Focus Pendant Control for Tilt
The pendant control can be hung anywhere on the chair and features tilt lock-out capabilities to prevent the user from making a tilt change. It also has a battery level indicator to help you easily recognize when the power tilt mechanism needs to be recharged.
  • Interface Control Box Option, provides plug in locations for Adaptive Switches
  • New location for Charging System Plugin
  • Reclining back now available
  • Motor Disengagement System (Pull pin) if battery is discharged

Focus CR brought complex rotation to the Complex Rehab Industry in 2013. With Focus exclusive innovations and continuous enhancements based on your feedback, Focus CR was and still remains the best performing tilt-in-space chair on the market. Why?

Tilt Mechanism
Single Tilt
Only at Ki
Power Tilt
More Options
Center of Gravity Adjustment
Can be done with Client in Chair
Combination Wheel Lock
Great for Transportation
The Kimba® Neo mobility base combines maximum functionality, simplicity of use, optimal assistance for therapy and mainstream appearance.
View Order Forms
  • Ergonomic adjustable push bar with soft touch handles
  • Wide grip handles for quick one-step folding
  • Suspension adjusts easily to absorb shock through the base not the seat, dampening impact for user
  • Tilt lock mechanism for individual settings and safety
  • Rear wheel lock engages by simply stepping downward on the brake mechanism
  • Front caster swivel locks dis/engages by sliding inward or outward
  • Available in frame color - Black
From the logo to the frame, Catalyst 5VX has been redesigned with a modern, minimalist approach. Enhanced designs let you optimize your ride. The ride you've come to expect from Catalyst.

Better Adjustment

  • 2" of Center of Gravity in 1/2" Increments
  • 4° of Adjustable Camber
  • 5" of Rear Seat Height

Better Style

  • New Anodizing Package
    - 8 Colors available!

More Options & Accessories

  • User-Activated Anti-Tips
  • Transit Wheels
    - For Access Through Narrow Spaces
  • Carbon Fiber & Padded Aluminum
    Fender Side Guards
Finally, one wheelchair that offers true portability, enables independent propulsion and provides the benefits of tilt-in-space!


  • Lightest transport weight of any adult tilt-in-space
  • Folds into a portable package ideal for transportation


  • Great for foot propulsion, the Front Seat Height remains the same regardless of the tilt angle
  • Enables you to produce the optimum seat angle for stability


  • Easy to adjust gas spring design for effortless repositioning
  • Facilitates repositioning for postural and pressure relief

Modular Design

  • Easy to adjust and reconfigure
  • Faster delivery options
  • For children ages 1-5
  • A colorful seating system which provides a high level of postural support and comfort at home or in school.
  • For children ages 1-5
  • Extremely versatile, three-in-one stander offering prone, upright and supine standing in one product, allowing the clinician to offer standing therapy to a range of children.
  • For children ages 3-14
  • Available in 2 sizes, the Mygo is able to help a broad range of kids to carry out everyday functions at home, in the classroom or even out and about. Available with the Pelvic Cradle (patent pending) for enhanced pelvic stability.
  • For children ages 4-14
  • 3-in-1 stander offering prone, supine and upright standing in one product. Through the adjustment of the knee and foot supports, it can also accommodate up to 25 degree fixed hip and knee contractures.
  • For children ages 1-12
  • Easy to use classroom seat for kids with mild postural needs. It is designed to give improved stability which reduces fatigue and improves concentration and fine motor activity.
  • For ages 1-18
  • Specifically developed for children with moderate needs who still require pelvic stability to perform everyday tasks to the best of their ability.
  • For ages 1-18
  • Comfortable and hygienic. Provides users with appropriate levels of support to ensure safety and security during bathing. Available in 4 sizes.
Stronger is Better.
Provide your client with a better armrest.
The NEW Angle Adj. Locking Extendable Flip-Up Armrest design is the ONLY cantilever armrest with a 400 lb. weight capacity!
Faster is Better.
Less is more with the Ki Online update.

Quoting & ordering takes less time so you can get more done.

View Tutorial
  • Featuring Little Wave Clik and Little Wave Flip
  • Evolving library of customer creations (check back for new combos)
  • Let's you decide on your color combination in advance!
  • Filter your favorite colors
  • Share your combo with your clinician by emailing them the color specifics
  • Share your options with friends on Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest

If your chair is featured on Little Wave Splash Zone, you'll be eligible to receive a FREE t-shirt!


Combination Wheel Lock

  • Offering standard hand and foot lock together as one fully functional system
  • Lock and unlock both wheel locks from either side or behind
  • Great for transportation!

Improved Tilt

  • You asked, we engineered. Focus CR is now easier to tilt!

Dual Hand Tilt

  • A new option with two levers operating the tilt giving caregivers full control!

Composite Angle Adjustable Footplate

  • Sleek design, easy to operate and fully adjustable footplate option
  • Includes adjustments of the angle as well as fore and aft positioning of the footplate

Casters, Casters, Casters

  • Focus HD - Achieve lower seat-to-floor heights with 6x2" casters on a 400 lb. user weight
  • Little Wave Flip - Add pizazz with Lighted Rollerblades

20 Color Options

  • Say Hello to Yellow!

Rogue XP is the ultimate performance chair; encouraging you to embrace your personal style at the age when you care the most. It gives you the necessary built-in growth; no need to compromise fit, function, ride or style.

Focus your effort on pushing your limits... not your chair.

Rogue XP is your blank canvas giving you the creative freedom to choose your frame, accent, release cable and wheel color. Whether you're unique, chic, edgy or minimalistic... create your ID with Rogue XP.

Optimize fit, function and ride with up to 3" of depth and width growth. Rogue XP changes with you over time so outgrowing your chair is a problem of the past.

The integrated swing-away arm and backrest system adjusts independently allowing you to achieve ideal backrest and arm positioning.

Catalyst brought one-of-a-kind features to the Complex Rehab Industry in 2006. With continuous enhancements and Catalyst exclusive innovations, Catalyst was and still remains the best performing ultra-lightweight folding chair on the market.
What's our newest Catalyst exclusive innovation? Our effective cross brace design has been enhanced! This rigid redesigned oval profile increases durability and ride quality resulting in higher performance than ever before!
A few of our customer's other favorite enhancements include:
  • 12.9 lb - Transport Weight!
  • 7000 Series Aluminum on all Catalyst models for a stronger, lighter wheelchair.
  • Seat Depth = frame depth. Every time. Never have a seat sling sitting inches behind the front frame.
  • Black Fasteners - all black! By popular demand!
  • 20 Color Options with both gloss and matte finish choices. Yellow is now available on ALL Catalyst chairs!
  • Hard Anodized Handrim - are NO COST to the customer. Comes in 24", 25" and 26".
  • Lifetime Warranty on Patented Swing Away Footrest Hanger - only with Ki!
  • X-Core Mags - eliminate pounds from standard chair configurations!
  • Tension Adjustment - added to our seat upholstery.
  • Composite Angle Adjustable Footplate - Now available!
One-Arm Drive
  • Markets first one-arm drive system with camber, now you can have the benefits of camber with a one-arm drive
  • Multiple hand rim configuration options to meet individual clients needs
  • Available on the Catalyst, Rogue and Focus
Catalyst Reclining Back
  • Innovative Reclining Back is now available on the Catalyst 5
  • Design incorporates an automatic locking feature into the gas spring
  • Smooth, positive recline motion
  • Recline angle ranges from 0-65 degrees
Focus CR Self-Propel Axle Plate
  • Allows for a CG wheel access position similar to a folding or rigid wheelchair
  • Designed to help a tilt-in-space rider propel themselves
Little Wave Xp - Same chair, more options!
  • Fold Down Push Handle
  • Ergo Stroller Handle
  • Dynamic 5th Wheel
New Sleek Ergonomic
Push Handle Grips
  • Upgraded push handle grips
  • Available on all folding and rigid chairs
  • More positive and comfortable hold
  • Replacement kits available for easy field replacement
Designed to be as unique as your child.
  • Aesthetics of a stroller, functionality of a wheelchair.
  • Express personality with a choice of over 500 different color combinations.
  • New paradigm in adjustability makes accommodating growth and change simple.
  • Don't miss the new options, such as:
    • Drum Brake
    • Pediatric Height Adjustable T-Arm Low
    • Attendant Wheel Lock
    • And many more!
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