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See what separates the Catalyst
from the competition.

Higher Performance, Lower Weight.

Professionals Best Choice in Folding
Ultra-Lightweight Mobility.

A Titanium Catalyst.

Max Your Performance.

Igniting the Evolution.

Endless Style.
Expected Quality.
Essential Value.

Moving You & Your Customer Forward.

Adjustable, Affordable, Better by Design.



Best-In-Class Performance.

Lightest and Most Energy Efficient K0004 Folding Chair on the Market.


Find Your Limit... And Push Beyond.

A Sleek Look. A Light Frame.

A stiffer more responsive ride all at an
affordable price that doesn't mean
sacrificing quality.

Not Just Evolutionary.

Welcome to Complex Rotation.

Great Options, Great Outcomes,
Great Value

Liberty is Independence.

The first truly portable adult folding tilt.

Growth with an Edge.

Ahead of the Curve

Flip the Script on Ordinary.

Designed to be as unique as your child.

Not Just a Wheelchair.
A Member of the Team.

Designed for Our Next Generation.

Imagine the Possibilities.

Designed to keep up, to change, to grow
and to move easily with you and your child.

Easier to Grow. Easier on the Eye.

Where form adds function and the flexibility
to adapt to virtually any seating system.

Reinvent Your Wheelchair Experience

Custom Seating

A feature-rich, premium general use cushion that is anything but Basic.

The New Generation Air Cell Cushion.

High levels of immersion with excellent envelopment.

Positioning doesnt have to be so hard.

Immerse yourself.

Comfort. Positioning. Immersion.

Less Layers. More Envelopment.

Less Layers. More Envelopment.

The First Field Adjustable Lightweight Fluid Cushions.

A feature-rich, premium general use cushion that is anything but Basic.

Uncompromising Adaptability

Precise Installation.

Easy Adjustment.

Bold Styling.

Because there's no such thing as "one solution fits all".

AEL is now a part of Axiom Custom Seating. Click here to navigate to the AEL website for product information and order forms.

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Designed to be as unique as your child.

Flip the script on ordinary.

Combine with Leckey

Get a Leckey seating system for your Little Wave Flip. Flip works with Leckey Squiggles, Mygo size 1, or Mygo size 2 seating system for optimized postural care of children with moderate to complex special needs. Leckey's seating systems come in fun colorful designs to fulfill both the postural and emotional needs of young children and their families.

Put a flip to your fold

The Little Wave Flip integrates design elements from strollers into the durability of a wheelchair. Just because it is a wheelchair, does not mean it needs to look like one. From its flat folding design to its use of TAPER LOK technology, the Flip is simply the most advanced pediatric tilt in space available today.

Eliminate bland. Illuminate personality.

Children are small in size but their personalities can be bigger than life. Let them express themselves with over 500 color combinations to choose from-no charge!

Designer Spoke Guards

Eight NEW spoke guard designs offer a few more ways to personalize your Flip! View all designs in the "Options" tab above.

Colored Wheels

Colors are not stopping at the frame! Even your wheels can be fun!

Don't struggle with growth. Embrace it.

The Flip offers a new paradigm in adjustability. Seat height, seat depth, and seat width have never been so easy to change, with fewer parts than any other chair.

Attendant Wheel Lock

The attendant wheel lock is a hands-free, easy to use stroller-like wheel lock option that makes parent's life just a little simpler.

Height Adjustable T-Arm Low

The Height Adjustable T-Arm Low provides a rugged adjustable armrest option for smaller users.

Flip up Anti-Tips

Tired of struggling with anti-tips? We've found your solution! Our design allows the anti-tips to stay connected while making every day obstacles such as curb climbing hassle free.

Ergo Folding Back

The Ergo Folding Back is tough, strong and easy to fold. With the flip of a lever you are able to activate the Ergo Folding Back for an effortless fold.

High Pivot Folding Back

By raising pivot point on the folding back, we’ve created the possibilities to leave more seating on the chair while folded.

Drum Brake

We are not eliminating the wheel lock; instead we are adding the unique option of a true braking system.

Self-Propelling Axle

The Self-Propel Axle option of 20, 22 and 24 inch wheels allow you to achieve balance between wheel access and tilt range.

Transport Weight *
21 lbs
9.53 kg
Seat Width
10" - 18"
25 - 46 cm
Seat Depth
12" - 20"
30 - 51 cm
Seat Height
13.5" - 20"
34 - 51 cm
Tubing Size
2.54 cm
Weight Capacity
165 lbs
75 kg
Tilt Range
0° - 45°
0° - 45°
Transit Approved
* 14”x14” Frame with Attendant Wheel Locks. Armrests, Rear Wheels and Footrests Removed.
Flip For Leckey Specs

For Squiggles

For Mygo Size 1

For Mygo Size 2
Transport Weight
32 lbs *
14.52 kg *
32 lbs *
14.52 kg *
32 lbs *
14.52 kg *
Seat Width
14" - 15"
35.56 - 38.1 cm
38.1 cm
38.1 cm
Seat Depth
35.56 cm
40.64 cm
40.64 cm
Frame Height
15.5" - 17.5" **
39.37 - 44.45 cm **
15.5" - 17.5" **
39.37 - 44.45 cm **
15.5" - 17.5" **
39.37 - 44.45 cm **
Weight Capacity
165 lbs
74.84 kg
165 lbs
74.84 kg
165 lbs ***
74.84 kg***
* 14" x 14" Frame with Attendant Wheel Lock. Rear wheels removed. Leckey Seating Removed.
** Leckey Seating will result in Seat Height 4" greater than Frame Height.
*** Mygo 2 weighs 22 lbs with max user weight 132 lbs = 154 lbs.
Frame Options
Backrest Options
Hanger Options
Flip for Leckey
Tilt Mechanism
Wheel Locks
Axles and Axle Plates
Pelvic Positioning Belts
Designer Spoke Guards
Some colors may be an upcharge. Please refer to order forms for product specific pricing and availability.
Matte Finish
Military Green
Emerald Green
Charcoal Gray
Iridescent Burgundy
Iridescent Navy
Retro Red
Royal Blue
Shadow Black
Smooth White
Gloss Finish
Blue Skies
Bubblegum Pink
Candy Blue
Candy Purple
Candy Red
Granny Smith
Metallic Orange

Little Wave Flip

Feature Tour
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Technical Manual
Little Wave Flip