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Adjustable, Affordable, Better by Design.
Introducing the Catalyst 4E, raising the bar in both performance and quality.
Catalyst...the ride you expect, the brand you depend on.
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There is a Catalyst Difference
Catalyst 4E takes advantage of all of the "Catalyst Difference" design features to allow you to fit, adjust and ride with confidence. A defining characteristic of each chair is its axle plate which we will highlight below.
Lightest in Class
Utilizing high-quality materials and innovative design Catalyst 4E is the lightest folding frame in the category, with an unprecedented 13.3 lbs transport weight! The lighter weight makes it easier for caregivers and clients without sacrificing quality or durability.
Best-In-Class Performance
Staying true to the Catalyst design and quality standards, Catalyst 4E uses the Dual-Cross Brace design that brings best-in-class rigidity and performance to the category. Integrated within the Dual-Cross Brace is the patented, exclusive Catalyst Power X-Hinge that makes folding and unfolding so easy! The combination results in a better, easier experience for clients and caregivers.
Quick and Infinite Adjustability
Make setup easier and quicker than ever with the one-tool, anti-rotation leg length adjustment! Integrated into the reliable and familiar Catalyst hanger, the new adjustment design comes with the exclusive lifetime hanger warranty only available from Ki Mobility.
Do more with less!
Reach new heights with fewer part changes! The single-frame design offers 5.5" of front seat height range by caster size, which is 1.5" more than the competitive designs. In combination with a new ultra-low caster housing, Catalyst 4E provides maximum adjustability over competitive designs. (12.5" - 21" | 31.8 cm - 53.3 cm)
Maximum Adjustability for Optimized Fit
Maximum Adjustability for Optimized Fit
Quality and Durability you know and trust
Universal parts across the Ki product families, especially Catalyst, means increased efficiency and less complexity in setup and service. 15 years of proven performance and reliability give you peace of mind from the brand you can depend on.
Simple and Easy
Adjustments are easier and more intuitive with the Angle Adjustable Backrest design! Two pivot point locations and angle presets mean you can order Catalyst set up to deliver right out of the box.
300 lbs Standard Weight Capacity
The only product in its class to offer a 300 lbs standard weight capacity! A heavy-duty option is also available. When quality and durability are important, you choose Catalyst.
Transport Weight *
Transport Weight * 13.3 lbs (6 kg)
  Seat Width
Seat Width 14" - 22" (36 - 56 cm)
  Seat Depth
Seat Depth 15" - 20" (38 - 51 cm)
  Front Seat Height
Front Seat Height 12.5" - 21" (32 - 53 cm)
  Rear Seat Height
Rear Seat Height 12" - 19" (31 - 48 cm)
Top Frame Tubing Size
Top Frame Tubing Size 1" (2.54 cm)
  Bottom Frame Tubing Size
Bottom Frame Tubing Size 1 1/8" (2.86 cm)
Weight Capacity
Weight Capacity 300 lbs (136 kg)
  Weight Capacity HD
Weight Capacity HD 350 lbs (158 kg)
  Transit Approved
Transit Approved YES
* 16x16 without rear wheels, anti-tips, wheel locks, and footrest hangers.
Gloss Finish
Bengal Red
Bengal Blue