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See what separates the Catalyst
from the competition.

Higher Performance, Lower Weight.

Professionals Best Choice in Folding
Ultra-Lightweight Mobility.

A Titanium Catalyst.

Max Your Performance.

Igniting the Evolution.

Endless Style.
Expected Quality.
Essential Value.

Best-In-Class Performance.

Lightest and Most Energy Efficient K0004 Folding Chair on the Market.


Resist Conformity. Go Rogue.

A Sleek Look. A Light Frame.

A stiffer more responsive ride all at an
affordable price that doesn't mean
sacrificing quality.

A Sleek Look. A Light Frame.

A stiffer more responsive ride all at an
affordable price that doesn't mean
sacrificing quality.

Not Just Evolutionary.

Welcome to Complex Rotation.

Liberty is Independence.

The first truly portable adult folding tilt.

Growth with an Edge.

Flip the Script on Ordinary.

Designed to be as unique as your child.

Not Just a Wheelchair.
A Member of the Team.

Designed for Our Next Generation.

Imagine the Possibilities.

Designed to keep up, to change, to grow
and to move easily with you and your child.

Easier to Grow. Easier on the Eye.

Where form adds function and the flexibility
to adapt to virtually any seating system.

Reinvent Your Wheelchair Experience

Custom Seating

A feature-rich, premium general use cushion that is anything but Basic.

Positioning doesnt have to be so hard.

Immerse yourself.

Comfort. Positioning. Immersion.

Less Layers. More Envelopment.

Uncompromising Adaptability
         Precise Installation.
         Easy Adjustment.
         Bold Styling.

Because there's no such thing as "one solution fits all".

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To the Ki Mobility family,

Like you, we're closely monitoring the quickly developing effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. At Ki Mobility, we take very seriously our responsibility to care for our family - our customers, team members, and the people who use our products. We realize the population you serve is among the most vulnerable, and we are doing everything we can to support you in providing our products to those who need them.

With that in mind, here are a few things we want you to know:

Business operations at Ki Mobility will continue with as little disruption as is possible. Be aware that both Fedex and UPS have discontinued service to some areas which may inhibit our ability to get products to you. Otherwise, we are taking the necessary steps to ensure we can continue shipping products and repair parts to you on time.

Our customer support continues to be available through sales@kimobility.com or by phone at 1.800.981.1540 (USA and Canada) and +44 8001 017004 (UK). Remember, Ki Online is always available for quotes and orders!

Our sales representatives have been advised to discontinue visiting facilities in order to mitigate the spread of the virus. They will continue to be available to you through phone, email, and virtual meetings.Your in-person interaction with them will be limited to essential activities. They have been instructed in the proper precautions that are necessary to protect your and their health.

Through TermSync you can communicate with our accounts receivable department and make electronic payments online. Please contact Molly Sankey (msankey@kimobility.com) if you would like additional information on this service.

At Ki Mobility

One of the lessons we have learned about minimizing the virus's transmission is to reduce density and maximize social distancing. We've restricted all non-essential travel of any type, including vendor visits to our headquarters. We're cancelling attendance at large meetings and gatherings.

In our offices, we are moving to flexible working arrangements such as telecommuting. We are following CDC guidelines for those who continue to work onsite.

Looking ahead

As always, we are committed to being responsive to your needs and the needs of your clients. We will continue to monitor this fluid situation closely and update you when more information is made available.

We are here for you.

Doug Munsey, President

We've Updated Our Privacy Policy
We at Ki Mobility are committed to protecting the privacy of our prospects, clients and partners, and any other person submitting personal information or engaging with Ki Mobility through our Website, emails or other means.